Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bad Poem

On occasion, I find a poem jumping out of me. Most often, this happens concurrent with meditation, either a sitting or a retreat. I call this my Bad Poetry. This is simply truth in advertising. I've never been trained on this business, so it's best if I'm completely honest about what this is.

Here's a recent poem. Enjoy! --Margaret

Practice noticing

Practice noticing,
Things will change.
Can’t say what,
Unpredictable range.

Noticing breath,
Hard to stay.
Noticing hard,
Back in play.

Noticing body,
What is this?
More I look,
More there is.

Noticing mind,
What a show!
Here, then there,
Where I go!

Noticing good,
Also bad.
Which is which?
All a fad.

Practice noticing,
All things go,
When it’s still,
What’s to know?

only noticing,
get the whole
all in all.
this is all.

That is all.